Our Stars in the Spotlight: Sunday April 14 at 4:30 pm, Emens Auditorium

“Our Stars in the Spotlight” Concert Marks the 31st Anniversary of America’s Hometown Band in Muncie. Music Director Roger McConnell, Assistant Directors Phil Cooley and Will Frazier, and the musicians of America’s Hometown Band are celebrating 31 years of performing free summer concerts for the Muncie community.

They invite you, audience members, to join in the celebration by coming to the AHB talent spotlight concert, at Ball State University’s Emens Auditorium on Sunday April 14 at 4:30 pm.The program’s emcee is AHB vocalist Terry Whitt Bailey.

This AHB season opener highlights the abundance and depth of star musical talent on tap in the Muncie hometown locale, by featuring highly experienced Soloists, Conductors, and Composers who ply their musical trades from right here in Muncie.

The program is a sampler of moods, tempos, and showmanship – meant to bring out the best in each performer on stage.